This has certainly been an interesting election season. I am so grateful to you all for the support and encouragement; especially my incredible wife Denise, my children and my parents. Just yesterday, I received several Facebook comments noting that we maintained the values of Civility, Integrity and Opportunity in a mean-spirited election.

Since we are blessed to live in these United States, it is incumbent upon us to support our new President Elect. That does not mean that we should give up on our core values.

The Republican Party has now won control of the Executive and Legislative branches of our government. It also means that they will be able to guide the future of the Supreme Court for the next generation. Four years is a long time, and hopefully the new administration is truly committed to an inclusive environment to ensure all interested parties will have an opportunity to be heard.  Now is not the time to force an agenda; now is the time to build bridges.

Last week, when at the University of Virginia, I heard a State delegate remark that as a Republican, he had drafted the legislation to protect personal property rights; Donald Trump, the Republican President Elect, holds the exact opposite position. This is a perfect example of how our old concepts of party lines do not represent who we are today. As stated in our Constitution, “we have been endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights’; which we need to protect. Similarly, we need a renewed cooperative American spirit where we respect and care for our neighbors as much as we are interested in exercising our individual liberties.

We will continue to address the issues, but in a collaborative sense. Rest assured, where it is not, we will point it out and encourage our leaders to represent us all, and not just one party’s concerns.

I have appreciated the opportunity these last twenty plus years to serve our country in the Marine Corps, and the US Department of Homeland Security. I do not intend to stop now.

Blessings and Semper Fi, Scott