America Needs a President Who…

Brings a New Civility

Scott Cubbler treats other people in the manner Abraham Lincoln stated in his Second Inaugural Address: “with malice toward none; with charity for all.”

Can be Trusted

Scott Cubbler has a demonstrated record of integrity in both his professional and personal life. His life exemplifies the Marine Corps values—honor, courage, and commitment.

Can Relate to You!

Scott Cubbler knows the challenges you’re facing; he’s faced many of them himself.

Has a Breadth of Experience

Scott Cubbler has the valuable experience that gives him insight and understanding of big business, small business, the military, and the government:

Has a Depth of Understanding

Scott Cubbler has a detailed understanding of the big issues that affect the American people.

Understands How to Keep Americans Safe

Scott Cubbler is an expert on preparation and response to the threats Americans face.

Understands the Role and Appropriate Use of Both Diplomacy and the Military

Scott Cubbler understands that the military is merely a form of diplomacy—force—and that it should not be used without a complete understanding of the financial and other diplomatic tools and resources available.