Another Option

Another Option?

Is it too late? Is this the best that America has to offer? Is there another option? There is! Is it probable? Maybe! Is it POSSIBLE? Absolutely! Please read the strategy below as you consider taking this adventurous journey with me…

To win the election, a candidate must win 270 electoral votes. By preventing either candidate from obtaining 270, the Founding Fathers created an avenue, through the 12th Amendment, to elect another option. We can do this! Let’s elect a President who is committed to Integrity, Civility, and Opportunity. Take a look at the videos and maps below outlining a variety of pathways that show how this plan could work:

Possibility Not Probability

“Look at the POSSIBILITIES. The maps below are not intended to provide specific solutions. In fact, our current election projected maps are constantly changing. The maps are intended to provide examples indicating how this is possible!”

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