My stance on the issues of our times...

Can We tawk?  Education solutions

Investing in education is critical to our future and the future of our children. We know this…but is throwing more money at it the solution.

Citizenship or a Wall…is it really that simple?

What a contention issue….do we build a wall? Is that the only solution? Do we just make everyone a legal citizen? I am not sure that is the solution either.

Cyber Security

The current biggest threat to Americans is Cyber Security. We have already seen our adversaries hack into the most sensitive computer systems of the Federal Government.

Global/ International Trade

If all economic markets were equal with regards to consumption levels; salaries, wages and benefits; and environmental working conditions, then…

Healthcare: Is there a middle ground?

We can all agree that health care is a basic need for folks, but we also live in America, and America is based on freedom. So how do we balance these two out?

Hey guys, we need jobs… where do they come from?

For far too long, we have had a sluggish economy. I live in Houston, and have seen far too many of my friends become un-employed due to the down turn of the price of oil.

International Engagement

America earned its democratically elected republic from having been a colony of England. Great personal sacrifice was the price of this freedom.